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Hi, I’m Fiona, founder, creator and maker behind Kailyard Creations, which is all about celebrating the simple joys found in everyday life, embracing the time-honoured traditions of putting pen to paper, all things handmade and building personal connections with others through thoughtful gestures and laughter.

Having grown up on the East Coast of Canada, most of my time was spent outdoors combing beaches, rambling through forests and swimming in waters that were breath-takingly cold…. and that hasn’t really changed as an adult!

Being able to combine my love of nature with artistry and humour is like the trifecta of joy for me!

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fun alternative to mass-produced cards

Kailyard Creations started out of a passion for crafting, a love of good cards and wanting to offer you an alternative to the impersonal and mass-produced cards found in the market today.

I individually craft everything using bright high-quality papers, archival inks and attention to the smallest of details, ensuring that the recipient will feel special and loved. The versatile 3d layered cards and papercrafts are designed with clean punny humour so you can use them for anyone from babies to octogenarians, from big days to simple hellos and everything in between.

In today’s fast-paced world, a handmade card is not only a beautiful and unique piece of art, but it also allows you to express your thoughtfulness in a way that is more personal and meaningful than a quick digital message.

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kindness doesn’t need a special day

Sharing laughter and kindness is why and how Kailyard Creations got started. I design my papercrafts with versatility in mind. Choosing a card based on the recipient instead of just the occasion (eg. favourite animal, hobbies, beverage of choice) is so much fun and has the added bonus of creating a deeper connection and really shows someone how much they matter to you.

Combatting the throw-away culture is also near and dear to my heart so I wanted to create products that will be treasured and displayed for continued enjoyment. By choosing Kailyard Creations, you are not only supporting a small business (thanks!) but also embracing a deliberate commitment to more sustainable and conscious buying (double thanks!).

Speaking of sustainability, I try to choose the most environmentally-friendly materials and packaging possible and even switched our website to the world’s leading “green” hosting platform. To find out about how we’re saving the world, one paper bag at a time.

**Thanks Paul for Sharing Your Photo!!

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Crafted at my in-home studio on Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Products & Packaging are Re-usable, Recyclable and/or Compostable
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Small Artisan Business supporting & cheering on other Women-run Businesses


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