End of Outdoor Market Season 2017

End of Outdoor Market Season 2017

Outdoor Market Season Comes to a Close with Some Highs and Some Lows

Most of my summer was spent in “moving mode” as we transitioned from life in Israel to being back in Canada. Victoria, BC is ripe with options for selling handmade goodies. This is great news for me! Naturally, though, there were some challenges. Coming into the season about mid-way through was probably one of the biggest hurdles since a large number of the markets weren’t accepting new vendors. Fortunately, I did manage to get in some marketing.

I participated in three different markets with mixed results. I discovered that even though all three markets were right here in Victoria, they each seemed to cater to a very different demographic. Also discovered that my cards were now appealing to a different age set than in Israel. Oh, and stronger magnets to hold down my cards were a really good idea.  It can get pretty windy here on the island!

Overall, it was a very positive experience. Lessons were learned, cards were sold, crafty market peeps were found and new friends/fans were made. I like to think that I managed to gain a better understanding of the city I now call home. Can’t wait for Outdoor Market Season 2018!

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