Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays.  I love the fun and thrill of spooky decorations, costumes and creative ways to turn regular party foods into something spooktacular!

Growing up in a small town in Newfoundland, each year my sisters and I along with assorted friends would make the rounds of all the houses in our neighbourhood.  We would faithfully cry, mostly in sync, “Trick or Treat” while holding out our pillowcases to be filled with yummy goodies.  The anticipation was palpable, when we would arrive home and upend our bags.  All the glorious treats spilling out onto the floor…. sigh.  We would sit there and sort through it like pirates with their booty!

Israel doesn’t celebrate Halloween so I really miss this Autumn tradition.  Hosting a Halloween party and decorating my house in all things ghoulish definitely helps, though!  Before we moved here, it seemed that each year, fewer homes were participating in this amazing holiday.  This is such a shame and wasted opportunity.   I’m honestly baffled and saddened with this trend.  Whether you’re the child trekking around their neighbourhood or the adult answering the call of “Trick of Treat, this tradition is ultimately about so much more than just mini chocolate bars.  I believe it helps develop a sense of community within our young.  They get to interact with neighbours that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to do.

As a child, I gleefully prepared for and anticipated this night.  For me,  as an adult, that hasn’t changed and I hope it never does.

Happy haunting everyone, enjoy this night and all the wonderful memories you’ll make!

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