I’ll be at The First Station Artisan Market on Feb 3rd

The First Station Artisan Market

Kailyard Creations- selling at First Station Artisan Market

I’ll be selling my handmade cards and other wee giftees at The First Station Artisan Market (Tachana Rishona) this Friday.  The weather forecast is predicting lots of sun, hooray!  This is the perfect (and only) opportunity to pick up a Valentine’s Day card or two!

There will be lots of activities to enjoy at The First Station besides the Artisan Market.  Check out this link for more information:

The First Station Jerusalem 

Hope to see you there!!!!


    1. Sorry for the late response, Darolyn! Since we’re likely being posted to B.C., I’ll be sure to bring along all my lovelies for you to check out when I come visit Edmonton. Looking forward to finally “meeting” you!

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