Time to Spend Some Time on My Website

It is Time to Spend some Time on my Website!  

Kailyard Creations - time to spend time on website -post imageSince I started this whole journey of selling my handmade greeting cards online, I have quickly discovered that the more I learn, the more it seems I don’t know.  Thank goodness for Google Search!!!

I have found myself wading into new territories, such as, Social Media Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Plug-ins and Themes.  I started out with one real goal in mind, offer my cards for sale online.  Seems simple enough, right?!  Yeah, that’s what I thought, too.   I was rather optimistically hoping for a “build it and they will come” scenario!  Unfortunately, selling online requires more than blind faith that it’ll all work out.

I have had do some fairly deep soul-searching to really suss out not only what my goals are but how best to achieve them.  I am a firm believer in the KISS method (aka: Keep It Simple, Stupid!).  Unfortunately, for the technically-challenged like myself, nothing in this crazy online world is really ever all that “simple”!  So, I just keep plugging along, learning as I go/grow and hope for the best!

I feel like I am finally making some headway into understanding the Social Media Marketing aspect of this business, so I think it’s time to put a bit more thought into my website and how I want it to perform.  I have been mulling over changing my “theme” for quite some time.

Changing WordPress Themes is Not for Sissies!

My current theme is based on a magazine-style website which I chose primarily because I liked the look of it (much like how I choose sports teams!).  Now, however, I’m thinking that a more “shop-related” theme might be a better fit.  So, my quest for knowledge continues as I teach myself about creating child-themes, customizing CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and choosing a theme that will allow me to build the website I have had dancing about in my head.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what you think is working well on my current website, what you like, what you don’t like and your overall experience of navigating the site.  Thanks in advance for any input and also for continuing along this creative journey with me.  Your kindness and support is immeasurable and always inspires me!

I’ll be at The First Station Artisan Market on Feb 3rd

The First Station Artisan Market

Kailyard Creations- selling at First Station Artisan Market

I’ll be selling my handmade cards and other wee giftees at The First Station Artisan Market (Tachana Rishona) this Friday.  The weather forecast is predicting lots of sun, hooray!  This is the perfect (and only) opportunity to pick up a Valentine’s Day card or two!

There will be lots of activities to enjoy at The First Station besides the Artisan Market.  Check out this link for more information:

The First Station Jerusalem 

Hope to see you there!!!!

Valentines Don’t Have to be all Hearts and Flowers

Valentines Don’t Have to be all Hearts and Flowers

Whenever one thinks about Valentines Day, why is it that visions of hearts, flowers and tiny naked babies with wings and pointy weaponry automatically appear?  It seems we’ve been conditioned to associate sappy cheesy poetry and over-priced flossums with love!

Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to fall for that anymore.    Say “no” to the gag-inducing explosions of roses, pink swirly hearts and gimmicky attempts at romance.  Set yourself apart from the masses and the massed produced.

Valentines Don’t Have to be Just Hearts and Flowers

Revel in the Rebellion …. Be Free

Set yourself apart from the masses and the massed produced.  Revel in the rebellion and freedom to choose any card or gift that YOU think they’ll like, regardless of how many or how few flowery hearts are on it!!

Not ready for Love cards? It’s okay, who wouldn’t like to get a Like card?!!

How Handmade Greeting Cards Create Connections

How buying and giving handmade greeting cards  create connections.

I started a blogging website quite a while ago and I’ve discovered that I am not as “bloggy” as I had hoped or envisioned.  I seem to struggle with the very real concept of, “will anyone actually want to read what I’m writing?!”.  I think the main difficulty for me is that I was, and perhaps still am to a lesser degree, a bit confused on what I wanted my blog to accomplish.  The initial goal was to promote the handmade greeting cards that I am so very proud of creating, making and selling.  Although I really enjoy writing, I wasn’t sure how to combine my flair for telling a story to boasting about the latest favourite creation.

Giving handmade greetings cards create connections, brings joy and a sense of community.

My vision is becoming a bit clearer as I travel along this creative endeavour and I think/hope/pray that I am getting a better understanding of where I would like to see my exploits into card making and selling go.  Nothing gives me greater joy than watching someone read my cards and smile.  I absolutely LOVE it when someone not only “gets it” but “gets it” enough to physically laugh out loud and grab their fellow shopper and say, “hey, you have to see this”.  When one of my cards resonates with someone else, most often a complete stranger, it creates a connection on a visceral level, a sense of comradery that doesn’t happen often in this day and age of electronic friendships.

As a Canadian expat living abroad, achieving any sense of community is difficult so I understand how important it is to make the effort to stay connected.  Whether it’s with those we love and miss back home, friends that have moved on to a new adventure or just reminding someone in your life that you value them.  Facebook is great for keeping abreast with the newest news, but when someone opens up a card that you gave them, it shows intent, kindness and most of all, that they are important to you.  Who doesn’t like getting something other than bills and flyers in the mail?!!

Ultimate goal (hope): bring a smile to more faces in a world that could use more smiles!

When a person buys one of my cards, it’s hard not to feel a bit humbled. I know that I’ve not only touched one person but more since that card will get opened (boom: connection made). Maybe that person will prop it on their desk as a physical reminder of that connection, co-workers see it and they’re able to share another moment of connection and so on.

With this in mind, I have purchased my own domain, taken a WordPress Website Building workshop and created a website that will be an ongoing “work in progress” for quite some time.  The long-term plan is to work towards creating an online presence so people from all over can take a look at my lovelies and share a smile, a laugh, that moment of connection.  So, this post is likely to be the bloggiest of my blog posts.  Future posts will be geared more towards showcasing new creations for you to ooh and aah over!