Super Piggy Greeting Card


Super Piggy is super versatile and tons of hero-worthy fun!

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Super Piggy Thinks That You Are Awesome!

Kailyard Creation’s handmade Super Piggy Greeting Card is super versatile and can be used for any and all occasions; such as, birthday, anniversary, way to go, graduation, non-sappy romantic gesture, you name it…!  This wee hero is ready to swoop in and bring some smiles!

From his jaunty blue jumper to his bright red cape, he is sure to capture your heart!

I created this super fun card with hand-stamped images which I then coloured in using specialty markers and inks. I built everything up, including the brick textured “wall”, into several layers to create a cool 3-D effect. The inside remains blank so you have lots of room to write your special message. Every card comes with a crisp white envelope and can be mailed via regular post.

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