Otterly Amazing Greeting Card


This nimble star-fish-munching otter is so cute!

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You are Otterly Amazing!

This sleek handmade card is Otterly Amazing, just like you! What a fun way to let someone know you’re thinking of them. You can gift this card in so many ways, like birthdays, thank-you, anniversaries, congrats or my personal favourite, “just because”!

I created this fun card by hand-stamping the starfish loving otter then colouring it with special alcohol-based markers. The watery background was created by liberally smearing ink on watercolour paper then flicking it with water. Trust me, it looks better than it sounds! I then took all the different card-stocks and images and stacked it up in layers for a nifty 3-D effect.

Watching these starfish munching otters cavort about is one of my biggest joys! I think this card will find itself pinned to the fridge or propped on a shelf with a few beach-treasures for continued smiles and enjoyment. I have left the inside blank so you can write your special message. Every card comes with a crisp white envelope that you can mail with a standard stamp.

While I rarely have any luck capturing these slippery guys on camera, I do often post about what’s happening at the Marina and our sailing adventures. So come say HI on Instagram and follow along!

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