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Kailyard Creations November 2020 Markets

Hello November

November is usually the month that heralds one of the busiest times for Makies and Markets… that hasn’t changed all that much this year. What has changed; however, is how things are being done. Virtual replaces Indoor, Big is now Too Big and Pop-Up is new Buzzword. Online shopping seems to be more popular than ever. Although I think for the most part, people still want to know who they’re shopping from. In November, I will be participating in a couple of outdoor markets along with a virtual market so I’d love to see you physically and/or virtually! Please take care and remember to be kind to yourselves and others, we will get through this!

James Bay Market promotion

First Outdoor Market of 2020

I’ve been super busy creating lots of new (and popular) cards for my first outdoor Market of 2020. Come see Kailyard Creations booth at the wonderful James Bay Community Market tomorrow, June 13th from 9am to 3pm. Set-up will be a little different with a “no-touch” policy in place so there will be fewer cards and paper-crafts on display but never fear, I still have LOTS of selection to choose from!

James Bay Market promotion

Kailyard Creations is Joining Local-Line

Kailyard Creations is joining the Esquimalt Farmers Market online platform with Local-Line. This is a great, user-friendly shopping platform for buying locally made goods that you can pick-up or have delivered.

Kailyard Creations is Joining Local-Line with the Esquimalt Farmers Market.
Kailyard Creations is Joining Local-Line with the Esquimalt Farmers Market

I am working on my Store-Front and uploading some of my favourite handmade greeting cards. With Market Season so up in the air for artisans (non-foodies), it will be nice to be able to re-connect with my local Market peeps while maintaining proper social-distancing.

I will post the link to my Local-Line shop once it’s available for ordering. FYI: Local-Line is designed for pre-ordering Market produce and products with local pick-ups and delivery; however, if you want something sent outside the Victoria area, email me and we’ll work something out!

April Market Update

In response to the Global Health crisis, new stipulations for BC Farmers Markets for have been implemented. Sooo, both of my April Market dates at the Esquimalt Farmers Market have been cancelled. Fear not as you can still find me locally and online. I will be spending more time on adding new cards to the shop here. In the meantime, if you have a certain card or event in mind, please feel free to fire me off an email and we’ll work it all out!

The Silver Lining

The silver lining is that I’ll have a bit more time now to work on my “winter” project. Ironically enough this pattern is called the Farm House Cardigan!!

Knitting is a Life-Skill

Volunteering is its own Reward

Volunteering with EFM is Rewarding
Esquimalt Farmers Market Volunteer Appreciation Get-Together

I got to hang out with some lovely fellow volunteers this weekend. Volunteering is its own reward but it sure is nice to be appreciated! We were treated to a tea-tasting at Silk Road Teas in downtown Victoria. I try to volunteer around once a month since I’m not able to commit to being a vendor here every week.

Volunteering at the EFM is incredibly easy. I even book my days and timings in advance through the link on their website. They are always looking for volunteers to help with set-up, vendor assistance and take-down. I really appreciate the amazing people that show up to support and lend us Vendors a hand! I just love being a part of this amazing Community of makers, bakers, growers and volunteers!

Here’s the link to the Esquimalt Farmers Market Volunteer Sign-up: http://esquimaltmarket.com/volunteer-application/

Sometimes Change Can be a Good Thing

From the beginning to now, my card-making style has been slowly evolving and will likely continue to do so as new inspirations manifest themselves. I have been reluctant; however, to change up some of my earliest yet still popular cards. Until now, that is! So far, I have revamped these two fan-favourites: Seagull-Love and Dog-Days. I just felt like they were looking a bit dated and sad compared to my newer designs.

So happy I did this, now they feel more in keeping with my current style and that makes me happy. So yes, while I am generally not a fan of change, sometimes change can be a good thing!  Expect to see some more….

Welcome to Kailyard Creations!

Come see what’s New and Newsworthy!

Welcome to Kailyard Creation’s website and journey into the making and selling of handmade greeting cards & paper-crafts. Victoria, British Columbia is home to a plethora of amazing “make it, bake it, grow it” farmers and artisan markets which is where you’ll usually find me from March to December. I aim to keep you posted here with what I’m up to, what’s new and newsworthy and where you can find me and my “mobile shop” as we’re out and about! Not local? No worries. I sell online here as well! My shop here is limited in selection so if you see something on a post or at a Market but it’s not in the shop yet, feel free to send me a message and we’ll sort it all out. I also do custom orders if you have something particular in mind. So happy to have you along as Kailyard Creations and I continue this amazing journey!

Come See Me at the Dickens Christmas Fair

Come See Me at the Dickens Christmas Fair

Kailyard-Dickens Fair posterThe Dickens Christmas Fair is one of Victoria’s oldest and best-loved Holiday Craft Fairs. They provide a wonderful venue for artisans offering a great variety of quality and affordable products that will appeal to everyone.

Hosted by the James Bay Market Society, the Dickens Fair has something for everyone. From treasures to toys, you will find everything from great homemade foods to uniquely crafted gifts. This is an amazing opportunity to meet and support your local Vancouver Island Artisans, hear their stories and learn first hand how they make, bake and craft their wares.

Kailyard-Gift TagsI’ll be there with my handmade greeting cards and paper-crafts.  I have also been hard at work creating some adorable and original gift and wine tags to choose from.  These tags are sure to make any gift just a wee bit more special!

Hope to see you on Saturday, December 2nd at the Dickens Christmas Fair in Victoria!

It’s Christmas Market Season in Victoria

Kailyard-Christmas ElfTime to Fire Up the Elves and Get Crack-a-Lacking

It’s Christmas Market Season in Victoria

‘Tis the season for Christmas markets and Victoria is in full swing. The first market of the season for me will be a 2-day event at the Saanich Fairgrounds. Their 44th annual fair: Christmas in a Manger.

Kailyard-Saanich Fairgrounds

The Saanich Fairgrounds which is located in the heart of farming country is so beautiful. We love driving around there and soaking in all that pastoral loveliness! I’ll be hanging my shingle and selling my cards/paper-crafts in the RCMP barn underneath the twinkling fairy lights in the open rafters.

I am super excited and perhaps a wee bit nervous about my first Christmas Market in Canada. Wish me luck! Better yet, come out and say hello. I’d love to see you there!


End of Outdoor Market Season 2017

End of Outdoor Market Season 2017

Outdoor Market Season Comes to a Close with Some Highs and Some Lows

Fall 2017 with PaisleyMost of my summer was spent in “moving mode” as we transitioned from life in Israel to being back in Canada. Victoria, BC is ripe with options for selling handmade goodies. This is great news for me! Naturally, though, there were some challenges. Coming into the season about mid-way through was probably one of the biggest hurdles since a large number of the markets weren’t accepting new vendors. Fortunately, I did manage to get in some marketing.

Outdoor Market Table 2017 -kailyardcreations

I participated in three different markets with mixed results. I discovered that even though all three markets were right here in Victoria, they each seemed to cater to a very different demographic. Also discovered that my cards were now appealing to a different age set than in Israel. Oh, and stronger magnets to hold down my cards were a really good idea.  It can get pretty windy here on the island!

Overall, it was a very positive experience. Lessons were learned, cards were sold, crafty market peeps were found and new friends/fans were made. I like to think that I managed to gain a better understanding of the city I now call home. Can’t wait for Outdoor Market Season 2018!