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Individually-Crafted Greeting Cards by Kailyard Creations


Hi, I’m Fiona, owner-operator of Kailyard Creations. I make individually-crafted greeting cards that are fun(ny) and punny. They are also bright, cheery and designed to make you smile and laugh. All of my products are made using high-quality materials, rubber stamps, my own typography and are hand-coloured using specialty markers, inks, watercolours and sparkly things.

I always aim to design cards that are super versatile so they can fit all ages and demographics. Ofcourse, the best part is that this allows you to match the card to the person, not just the occasion. I believe this more personal approach creates a unique connection that both gifter and giftee will truly appreciate and treasure!

Kindness doesn’t need a Special Day” has been the cornerstone of my business and personal philosophy. Who doesn’t love giving or getting Happy Mail?! And I love knowing that my greeting cards and paper-crafts are being used to share a smile and a laugh!!

As for me, I am a proud Scottish-Canadian and military wife so yes, we’ve moved…  a lot! One of the first things I’d do when we moved was set up my “kailyard” which is a Scottish expression/term for a wee kitchen garden. I wanted my business to be as mobile as my lifestyle so I named it Kailyard Creations.  My husband and I both believe that any time spent on/in/near the water is a good time. In fact, we are the happy owners of a 42’ Maple Leaf sailboat that we intend to move onto in a few years. We currently share our home with a beagle who worships me and a cat who tolerates my snuggles, on occasion, but only because I feed her. 
Kailyard Creations -My Story


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