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Individually-Crafted Greeting Cards by Kailyard Creations

Hello, I am Fiona May, founder and creator behind Kailyard Creations. I make individually-crafted greeting cards that are bright and cheerful with clean funny and punny humour that you can happily share with pretty much anyone on your list.

I love designing cards that are super versatile and can be used in multiple ways or for those “just because” moments. My card-giving philosophy is to match the card to the person, not just the occasion. This approach also allows you to choose something based on their likes, quirks or favourite animal – there are no wrong answers here. This helps create a more personal connection that both gifter and giftee will appreciate and treasure! 

What started as a hobby while living overseas, quickly grew into an opportunity for me to share not only my love of all things handmade but also the joy and simple pleasure of making someone smile or laugh! We live in a world where we don’t always know our neighbours or live near family and besties. Staying connected and building Community can be as simple as taking a minute to share a laugh, say hello or celebrate a moment. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love giving or getting Happy Mail?!

As for me, I am a proud Scottish-Canadian and military wife so yes, we’ve moved…  a lot! One of the first things I do in a new place is set up my “kailyard” which is a Scottish term for a wee kitchen garden. Since I wanted my business to be as mobile as my lifestyle, I named it Kailyard Creations.

Like you, I care deeply about our environment and sustainable practices which is why I only use materials that I know will last so the cards and paper-crafts I make can be displayed for a lifetime of enjoyment. It’s also nice to know that everything, even the packaging, can be re-purposed, recycled or even composted (great for your own wee kailyard).

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