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One Card – Endless Possibilities

Versatility is the new black! I think we can all agree that sometimes “life happens” and before you know it, there’s a birthday that Facebook forgot to remind you of. Or time gets away from you and it’s your Anniversary tomorrow… (yikes, been there!).

Be prepared for all manner of events that life throws your way by having a few beautifully crafted (if’n I do say so myself) cards on hand that can cover a multitude of occasions. I love creating super versatile cards, which is pretty much how I came to adopt the “One Card – Endless Possibilities” philosophy. It opens up more opportunities and possibilities for each product so you’re ready for anything. This also works for no occasions too. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to send a bit of happy mail or a hug with a fold for no reason than that you thought of them.

All of my greeting cards are left blank on the inside so if, for example, you need an Anniversary card quickly, write “Happy Anniversary, my Honey” and ta-dah, you are good to go! But here’s the best part, that same card can also be used for a birthday, congrats, thanks for being awesome, Mother’s Day or even to say “hey, I am missing you like an idiot misses the point”!

Here are few examples of cards that can used for a plethora (don’t you just that word?) of occasions!

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