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Match the Card to the Person for a More Meaningful Connection

Wanna know a secret? One of the best ways to up your game in the world of card-giving is to match the card to the person and not just the occasion.

Here are a couple of examples to give you an idea of what I mean:
Know someone who loves to tinker in a workshop? Build things from random bits of wood? Hoard tools like a dragon stashes treasure? Yeah, me too! Mine builds boats in our basement … sigh … BOATS. So, get him a handmade card that says, “Sawdust?! I think you mean Man Glitter” and he will pin that baby to his cork board and keep it forever!

Have a coffee-holic in your tribe? What better way to let them you’re thinking of them than with a card depicting a couple of wee gnomes taking a dip in a big ol’ cuppa java? Even better is the greeting: Today’s Forecast – 100% Chance of Coffee. See what I mean? You just know that card is going to get plunked between the French Press and the Espresso Machine for all of eternity!

Okay, just one more! Know anyone slightly obsessed (is that an oxymoron?) with all things Star Wars? Maybe sets their ring tone to the Darth Vader theme song? Or makes their morning java using an R2D2 French press? I personally have a family full of these intrepid galaxy gazers and gifting them with a punny card like “May the Forest Be With You” is sure to be a big hit!

I truly believe that when you match the card to the person it creates a much more meaningful connection plus it’s fun and easy. AAAND, it’s less likely to be thrown in the bin! So before picking up just another generic birthday card for one of your peeps maybe instead try looking at cards that highlight what makes them the wonderful being that they are. Favourite animal? Quirky personality trait? Special interests? There’s no wrong answer here! Use that to guide you towards the card that you think they’ll love and appreciate!

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